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Uprzęże Skyman

The new X-Alps cocoon harness with a sensational weight of only 2.3kg is not only extremely light, but comfortable, too. It is tailored for thermal flying, cross-country and competition purposes, as its aerodynamically optimised back part makes X-Alps even more sleek and sportive than its predecessor...(więcej)

Coconea X-Alps
Coconea X-Alps, like the previous model, has been developed in close cooperation with X-Alps participant Toma Coconea, who used it at RedBull X-Alps in 2015. With a weight of only 2.4kg (size M with carbon plate) is is tailored for thermal flying, cross-country and competition purposes. A foam protector has been combined with an airbag, which is the basis for ideal aerodynamic characteristics of this cocoon harness. The Coconea harness series have a variable opening for the speed bag, that allows to easily get in and out of the leg cover...(więcej)

Hike is a light and comfortable reversible harness and suitable for pilots from 160 to 185cm. As rucksack Hike is large enough to carry the whole flight equipment. This harness is without seat board.

With only 1,4kg Hike is the ideal harness for Hike & Fly, travel and speed riding. Optionally available with LTF certified airbag protector...(więcej)

Pilot is a harness made for tandem paragliding pilots from 160 to 195cm. It provides great movement space and an upright seating position to achieve excellent sight. Its low weight of only 3,7kg and many details like storage capacity, fixture for a camera pole and radio pocket make it a first choice tandem harness for distance flights as well as for commercial use...(więcej)

Passenger Air
Passenger Air has especially been developed as a harnesses for commercial tandem use. It is made for persons from 150 to 190cm and has an airbag protector. Pilots appreciate it because of its low weight and the large bag in the back with an integrated vario holder...(więcej)

String is an ultralight harness for pilots from 160 to 180cm. Its low weight of only 300g (including carabiners) makes it the lightest available harness certified according to EN/LTF for up to 100kg.

Ultralight harnesses have the advantage of less weight. They are made for Hike & Fly.

The optional LTF certified airbag protector and the front container is the lightest available harness and rescue combination...(więcej)

String RS
String RS comes up with a weight of only 690g, thus is one of the lightest available reversible harnesses certified according to EN/LTF for up to 100kg. Despite its extremely low weight it provides good seating comfort and it ahs enough space for a mountain glider.
Combined with Sir Edmund 20 /(LTF/EN B), the LTF certified airbag protector, Ultra Cross 100 and suitable front container it weighs only 4,3kg - the lightest available complete equipment for hike & fly...(więcej)

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