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Paralotnie Skyman

Amicus - LTF/EN A
Highest stability, safety and serenity.

SKYMAN proudly presents its first real glider for beginners: Amicus. Agile handling and very high stability, meeting the demands of class A, characterise this new wing. Real lightness, typically SKYMAN, from the very beginning.

Amicus lets beginners enjoy their first circles in a thermal. He is going to accompany them in many wonderful thermal flights even beyond their first flying lessons - just like a true friend should. ..(więcej)

The Rock 2 - LTF/EN A
The Rock 2 is the successor of the legendary paraglider The Rock. It is a sportive and versatile glider with perfect launch behaviour and dynamic handling. Despite its lower weight in comparison with the previous model its performance increased significantly. The Rock 2 is a versatile wing and the ideal companion on mountain tours and voyages, but also for all-purpose use...(więcej)

The Rock - LTF/EN A
A great experience.

The Rock is the ideal companion for travellers, hikers, mountaineers and all-round pilots. It is tailored to the needs of everybody, who enjoys relaxed flights, nevertheless expects performance.

It is easy to launch, provides dynamic handling and its speed range as well as its performance are made especially for Hike & Fly and sportive paragliding. Thanks to its unique design with very light, sturdy D10 fabric The Rock can be stored in hand luggage. Not only for flight passengers one of many favourable features of that truly special glider...(więcej)

Sir Edmund - LTF/EN B

Przy wadze własnej zaledwie 1,45 kg Sir Edmund w rozmiarze 17 jest obecnie najlżejszym na świecie glajtem jednopowłokowym - posiadającym certyfikat i test obciążeniowy. Podczas startu Sir Edmund charakteryzuje się niezwykle łatwą obsługą i prostym sterowaniem.

Bezpośredni handling, wysoka prędkość trymowa wynosząca około 40 km/h oraz płynnie działający speed system to wspaniałe doświadczenia jakich doznać można w locie z Sir Edmundem. W połączeniu z uprzężą String oraz spadochronem Ultra Cross stworzyć można nadzwyczajnie lekki zestaw paralotniowy, który zmieści się nawet w damskiej torebce...(więcej)

Sir Edmund 31 - PRO/LIGHT - LTF/EN B

Break up new ground in tandem paragliding - Sir Edmund 31 with its sensational 2,61kg makes it possible. In order to meet the needs of commercial tandem pilots, Sir Edmund is now available as Sir Edmund 31 PRO with bound profiles and sheathed lines.

The LIGHT version is 200g lighter and has lines, which are not sheathed. It has integrated Dyneema risers, while the risers for version PRO can be selected freely. Combined with a Ultra Cross reserve and ultralight harnesses, Sir Edmund with its utmost simple launch behaviour opens up launch sites, you have never even thought of so far. ..(więcej)

CrossCountry - LTF/EN B
Serenity meets power

The home of SKYMAN wings are mountain regions, but being real cosmopolitans, they can perform anywhere, even in lowlands or when being winch launched. The CrossCountry is a powerful, yet safe intermediate wing. Its conception is based on CrossAlps, but regarding safety it meets class B requirements, as its aspect ratio has been optimised for this purpose...(więcej)

Heartbeat LTF/EN B
Extremely light and sportive, yet offering high-performance

Heartbeat ranks in the upper level of class B. Its performance and dynamic handling are truly persuasive. In its conception some useful details and new ideas have been realised.

Heartbeat is absolutely easy to launch, even at difficult conditions - one of the reasons, why it is suitable for many different purposes like Hike & Fly, XC as well as leisure paragliding. It is made for every pilot, who seeks for high performance, low weight and small packing measure...(więcej)

CrossAlps - LTF/EN C
High performance and powerful extras for XC paragliding

We at SKYMAN have put all our heart and soul into the development of CrossAlps. Markus Gründhammer and Toma Coconea both contributed significantly to its design and realisation. This can be seen in quite some inventive details as well as in its quality and performance...(więcej)

PassengAir - LTF/EN B
Light and sturdy

For commercial as well as cross-country tandem pilots, who don’t want to miss the typical SKYMAN feeling, SKYMAN has designed the PassengAir.

It combines smooth launching and stable flight characteristics. The PassengAir provides an outstanding handling and a gliding performance equivalent to solo paragliders...(więcej)

Skyman Tandem - LTF/EN B
Ultralight tandem glider - not only for extreme mountaineering

Of course SKYMAN is aware of the special needs of mountaineering companions, who want to fly together after a long hiking tour and construed an extremely light tandem glider for them. With only 5,4kg Skyman Tandem is the lightest available tandem paraglider with certification according to LTF/EN...(więcej)

Reinhold II
The alpinist amongst paragliders

Being neither speed glider nor normal paraglider, Reinhold II is something very special amongst the SKYMAN paragliders.

Its canopy with 15,7m2 surface area is a bit larger than a speed glider canopy and has been construed on the basis of parachute canopies. SKYMAN thus developed a fast glider with outstanding handling - an ideal companion for alpine adventures...(więcej)

Furio - Speedrider
... furious rides on gorgeous slopes.
Speed glider Furio completes the SKYMAN product range of small and fast paragliders. Made of D10 fabric, Furio 9,5 weighs only 1,8kg and has very little packed volume.
The 3-level riser with trimmer allows an extremely high speed range and grants a very stable canopy. Furio‘s high performance is determined by brake and trimmer. Precise steering characteristics enable the pilot to perfectly ride along the mountain relief...(więcej)

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