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Paralotnie Fresh Breeze

The High-Load Glider with a long history of the XCitor now availible for every trike and every pilot.

The X-WING EVO 28 RS wing has a towing load (MTOW) of no less than 437 kg. And with an area of only 28 square meters (projected)

The paraglider is equipped with normal risers. So it can be mounted to any trike and every common suspension by means of carabiner...(więcej)

X-Wing EVO
With only 28 square meters, it is very agile and dynamic, but above all: Maximum safe. The X-Wing Evo is the evolution of our popular and famous Xwing. This wing was especially developed for the trike and with its flexible suspension offers a never reached comfortableness in all situations...(więcej)

The handling of the APAX hits just the right balance. You need to develop optimally the instinctive skills of a good pilot. The starting characteristics of APAX are really striking. A small pulse to the A-lines and even the glider is easily above the pilot. The brakes are precise and yet forgiving. Flying curves is playful, very coordinated with perfect feedback and comfortable. The wing gives clean and intelligble feedback which makes it easy to learn about the air, whilst the reduced mini-oscillation ensure that the pilot remain reassured as they progress toward flying in more active air...(więcej)

Hang in - Take-off - Relax. This glider is designd especially for paratrikes. Even at the start, you can feel the glider is made to fly under power. Directional stability and balanced handling are characteristics that are equally positive. The fine handling and the speed convinced. Even in unpleasant flight situations, the glider remains exceptionally quiet and does not oscillate...(więcej)

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