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X-Presso Bi

Adventure Flex-Race

Adventure X-Presso Bi

Adventure X-Presso Bi


Whether you fly with a small trike or a tandem foot launch unit, you will be surprised how easy it is to launch the X-Presso Bi and how secure it feels in the air.

Its main characteristics are:
  • Inflates and launches easily – the wing stabilizes and waits over the PPG unit ;
  • No loopholes in the inflation phases, even in nil wind launches ;
  • Remarkable stability ;
  • Resistance on the break lines feels the same in a mono or tandem configuration ;
  • Excellent maneuverability and flight precision

The X-Presso Bi is available in 2 sizes: 38 or 42 m² to offer a solution to the widest span of pilot’s weights.
The X-Presso Bi 38m² also suits perfectly pilots weighing more than 110 kg wishing to fly small single seater trikes.
The X-Presso Bi has the EN A certification and is a DGAC approved wing.

X-Presso Bi- specyfikacja techniczna

Rozmiar: Bi 38 Bi 42
Are (Flat, in m²): 38 42
Pilots weight (kg): 100-160 140-200
Max. all up weight (PPG in kg): 230 250
Cells: 46 46
Span (m): 13 14
Aspect ratio (m): 4.7 4.7
Max. glide: 7.4 7.4
Min/max speed (km/h): 24/50 24/50
Certifications: EN A/DGAC EN A/DGAC
Weight (kg): 8.6 9.2

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