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Paralotnie Adventure

This EN A certified standard wing is popular with all pilots because it offers speed, maneuverability and polyvalence.

Particularly recommended for beginner trike pilots, the Flex-One is easy to launch even without holding the A risers!

The Flex-One is ideal to accompany beginners in their first flights. For pilots under training it is also perfect to practice their flairs, spot and kiss landings. With heavier loads, this noble wing reveals itself to be playful.
Also its Semi Reflex profil will keep ahead of the pack during your first X Country flights...(więcej)


This Afnor B certified glider is playful, fun and secure. It gives great pleasure to stir and because it is easy to launch, it only requires a few steps to be in the air.

The Smart is a 100% Full Reflex wing, it benefits from the latest Adventure Wing technology. It offers enjoyable speed and stability.

It is a perfect wing for small single seater trikes and it is also popular with experienced pilots: its playful character comes out even better when the wing is loaded.

Contact your local Adventure Wing dealer to be recommended the best size to choose...(więcej)


Flexway 2
In search of more speed, control and stability? The Flexway 2 is your partner for long journeys. With average top speeds of 63 kilometers per hour (maximum top speed recorded is 72km/h), the Flexway 2 combines all the advantages of a classic reflex wing, whilst maintaining the low sink rate and the control given by classic paraglider designs.

One of its essential characteristics is that the pilot controls the full extent of the wing’s speed with the set of enlarge trimmers. Because trims are easier to use, this is particularly useful for PPG pilots who are reluctant to use a speed bar.

Compared to conventional Reflex wings, this 100% Full Reflex wing is easy to launch and will start to generate lift early in the take off phase – short take offs...(więcej)


This high performance wing is the choice of the World champion Pascal Vallée to compete in the next World Championship (2014). The new upscale wing for experienced and expert pilots is now available: only 3 rows of lines, a highly efficient airfoil and even more Reflex!

The Flex-Race is the result of the expertise Nervures’ designers (Xavier Demoury and Pierre Remy), of Adventure’s 24 years experience of in paramotor wings, and Pascal Vallée developments. Incredibly easy to inflate, this high performance airfoil can take amazing loads, which allows flying under extremely reduced canopies: 20m ² for pilots of 75 kg, 22m ² to 90 kg and 24m ² for heavier or loaded trikes.

Its strength in turbulences makes it one of the safest high performance wings.

The Flex-Race is only offered in the standard color Green with a shade of Black...(więcej)


X-Presso Bi
Whether you fly with a small trike or a tandem foot launch unit, you will be surprised how easy it is to launch the X-Presso Bi and how secure it feels in the air.

Its main characteristics are:
  • Inflates and launches easily – the wing stabilizes and waits over the PPG unit
  • No loopholes in the inflation phases, even in nil wind launches
  • Remarkable stability
  • Resistance on the break lines feels the same in a mono or tandem configuration
  • Excellent maneuverability and flight precision


Bi-Shuttle V2
Peaceful, nice and easy, the Bi-Shuttle V2 has been designed to fly big tandem trikes. The Bi-Shuttle V2 simply integrates all the requirements of our numerous professional and amateur tandem pilots: easy inflation / take-offs, in flight stability, gentleness in thermic conditions and soft landings.

Because we know that the most important thing in a tandem flight is the experience of the passenger, a special attention and care has been given to the inflation phase of the Bi-Shuttle V2 – they need to have a secure and enjoyable experience.

With the Bi-Shuttle V2, Adventure has conceived for its most demanding tandem pilots a top class wing. For those pilots who want more lift, more embarked weight, shorter take offs and better sink rates, the Bi-Shuttle V2 is definitely your wing...(więcej)


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