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Uprzęże SupAir


Uprząż typu hamak bez płyty siedziska, ale bezkompromisowa w zakresie komfortu i bezpieczeństwa. DELIGHT zadowoli większość pilotów, którzy szukają lekkiego modelu XC oferującego wszystkie udogodnienia, najczęściej spotykane w podobnych, ale cięższych modelach...(więcej)


Lekka uprząż przeznaczona do latania przelotowego cross-country oraz górskiego biwakowego Hike and Fly.

Uprząż z wyjmowalną karbonową płytą siedziska,dla tych którzy chcą jeszcze lepszej komunikacji informacji zwrotnych skrzydła z uprzężą umożliwiających efektywny pilotaż...(więcej)


The STRIKE came out of our X-ALPS 2015 design. It is a harness fully dedicated to Hike & Fly competitions. Its great inboard comfort makes it much more versatile than its light weight would let one assume. The STRIKE can be used without the mini-seat plate and without the removable pocket ( the size M weighs 2020 g). The easily removable BUMP’AIR can be carried separately or may not be used at all in flight. Without it the harness’s weight looses 560 gr. And drops to 1460 g....(więcej)

Evo Lite

It is the harness made to safely progress toward more ambitious and longer flights.

The optional Speedbag is fully adaptable to the harness, enabling a progression toward performance flying in all safety and comfort – will keep the pilot warm in lower temperatures.

Light fabric harness without foam fairing to lighten it...(więcej)

Evo XC3

Streamline design to fly local sites, XC ( Cross - Country ) and start in competition.
All geared-up with the Bumpair 17 cm dorsal protection, it is a extremely comfortable harness for all levels.
Available in two versions :
EVO XC3 Standard: with wooden seat plate but without accessories.
EVO-XC3+: with carbon fiber seat plate, Dyneema reserve parachute risers and foot-rest...(więcej)

Base System

Acro harness equipped with a paraglider jettisoning system to automatically extract a Base Jumping parachute ( BASE )...(więcej)

Acro 3 Tribal

The ultimate harness at the very top of the paragliding aerobatic scene. Developed and used by the world's best Acro pilots. The Rodriguez brothers harness of choice in competitions.


Altirando 3

Three key points guided this new development: – A pre-inflated and efficient AirBag at takeoff before being inflated by the relative wind. – A new easier and safer parachute pocket with visual control of the safety locking mechanism. – A volume and design with a better aerodynamic profile, notably a more compact AirBag shape.



AirBag harness to progress with and experience the first XC ( Cross-country ) flights.Very comfortable, high passive safety, stable structural design supported by a full accessory line.Pre-inflated with the "4Box AirBag System"...(więcej)

Radical 3 + Karabinki 30mm + demontowany airbag

A lightweight, versatile and polyvalent harness. Particularly suited to mountain flying, it also intended to be used for tandem flying, ground handling, coastal ridge soaring, wherever lightness and ease allow the pilot to play freely. Comfort and safety with the reversible Backpack/Airbag module also allows thermal flying!


Everest 3

Fully dedicated to mountain flights and light gear carrying.
It is the third version of this ultralight reference harness model ! It is completely new with its Dyneema structural support and carabiner opening system.
The EVEREST 3 is very easy to put on even with ski shoes or crampons. There is only one color-coded loop per side to better differentiate them.
Possibility to fly with CONNECT(s) – less weight, but and the harness must be put on by stepping inside the leg straps. Weighs 250 gr. without the carrying bag – ready to fly...(więcej)

Access Back


Easy in/out, upright pilot position, durable, with integrated reserve container, ideal as a first harness.

The perfect teaching tool...(więcej)

Access Airbag


Upright seating posture, easy transition from running to seating, reinforced bottom support, light, AirBag protection and large dorsal storage compartment.

The perfect teaching tool...(więcej)

Walibi 2

Highly comfortable harness, compact and light foro the tandem pilot.
Airbag + mini Bump, Split-leg + removable mini seat-plate to facilitate the running phase and increase the comfort level in flight...(więcej)

Walibi Lite

Light tandem split-leg harness with integrated dorsal reserve parachute pocket.
Equipped with push through aluminum buckles ( unaffected by snow ) for those flying in winter ski resorts or those who are simply looking for compact and light gear. One size only...(więcej)

Vip Lite

Light Split-leg tandem passenger harness.
Airbag dorsal protection.
One size only.
This harness is particularly adapted to work in perfect synch with the WALIBI LITE...(więcej)

Evasion Dump


Strong-built harness for the tandem pilot. It features a shock absorption system by BUMPAIR 17 XC and a reserve parachute “W” handle. Very effective for tandem flights near sandy grounds such as dunes...(więcej)

Evasion 2

A complete light and compact tandem harness. Airbag + mini Bump, widening seating plate.
Ons size only...(więcej)


Split-Leg ligth and compact tandem passenger harness with removable mini seat plate.
Airbag Shock Absorbing System.
Unique size...(więcej)

MiniMax Dump


Strong-built harness for the tandem pilot. It features a shock absorption system by BUMPAIR 17 XC and a reserve parachute “W” handle. Very effective for tandem flights near sandy grounds such as dunes...(więcej)

MiniMax 2

Light compact tandem passenger harness.
Airbag protection. 
One size only...(więcej)


Kids 3 to 7 years of age tandem passenger harness.

The pleasure to share your passion with kids !!!(więcej)


Kid tandem passenger harness : 8 to 13 year old.

The awesome pleasure of sharing a passion with kids!

In the meantine, only the KINDER 2012 size S ( small ), lighter ( 1350 g without carabiners or 1490 g with ) can be purchased...(więcej)

Paramoteur EVO

Paramotor harness with all possible hooking points.

Left or right side adaptable side reserve parachute pocket.

Most popular Powered Paragling ( PPG ) harness world wide.


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