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Speedrider U-Turn

Speedmaster 3

Razor-sharp lines close to the relief demand uncompromising precision. The SPEEDMASTER3 delivers this and reacts to control pulses directly and without delay. The modern construction provides a stable entity between wing and pilot and gives the dynamic flight a high pitch stability. Despite the small surface area the compact wing offers much glide performance and a high speed area. The SPEEDMASTER3 is designed as an all-round speed glider - it follows your intuition whether you‘re on skis racing down snowy hills or over steep terrain in the summer...(więcej)

Speedmaster 2

For the friends of speed riding there is a good news of U-Turn: The SPEEDMASTER 2 has now the PPN-system and an optimized profile. This gives a further improved starting and performance gain from the reduced weight. The renouncement of the heavy nose mylar reduces the weight of the SPEEDMASTER 2 significant...(więcej)

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