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Boomerang X-Alps

Boomerang X-Alps

Informacja o produkcie

The Boomerang x-alps is a high performance lightweight paraglider, designed to meet the challenges of the toughest race in paragliding—the Red Bull X-Alps.

Who is it for?

The Boomerang x-alps is aimed at highly advanced vol-biv and adventure pilots. The wing is also suitable for XC and competition pilots who, above all, want a small and lightweight wing.

Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) from the Boomerang 9, Atlas and Carrera

EPT involves a state-of-the-art numerical simulation method developed with Swiss inventor and engineer Koni Schafroth. By combining Gin's many years of practical experience with the latest computational analysis techniques, EPT has led to significant improvements in performance and behaviour of the wing: better inflation/re-inflation, low speed handling, seeking behaviour, climb rate and stability in turbulence.

Incredible climb

The new EPT airfoil combined with a 3 line concept means that the Boomerang x-alps excels in providing the pilot with readable information. Handling is precise, but smooth and co-ordinated. This translates into an easy-to-fly wing with a climb rate that's second-to-none. Suitably experienced pilots will have no problem thermalling out of tough situations.

All round ease-of-use

The X-Alps demands a wing with all round ease-of-use and the Boomerang x-alps does not disappoint. Take-offs in the widest variety of flyable conditions are possible, and the precise control even at speeds approaching the stall provides an extra safety margin when landing in unforgiving terrain. The wing is comfortable in turbulence and has the glide performance approaching that of today's competition wings.

Built with passion

As official sponsors of the X-Alps ever since the first event in 2003, we have a long track record of committment to lightweight paragliding technology. Throughout the years, lightweight design and production techniques have been our passion. We hope you have as much fun flying the Boomerang x-alps as we did developing it!


  • 3 risers / 3 lines for optimum combination of performance and ease-of-use
  • 12mm aramid/polyester riser
  • Optimized internal construction and line attachment points help save weight and maintain even sail tension
  • Mini-ribs on the trailing edge improve handling and performance
  • Gathering (reefing) system on the trailing edge


  • Upper surface: Porcher Skytex 27
  • Top surface: Porcher Skytex 27
  • Ribs: Porcher Skytex 27




 FLAT  AREA 22.55m2
 SPAN 12.54m
 A.R 6.99
 SPAN 10.14m
 A.R 5.35


Okres oczekiwania od 2 tygodni

Cena: 18250.00zł 6000.00zł

Kod produktu: paralotnia-gin-boomerang-x-alps
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